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…then as an International Business Litigator and now as an Innovative International Business Law Firm! I pride myself on acting in the most creative, innovative way as possible to meet my clients’ needs and expectations. Always going forward, looking at the global picture and thinking out of the box to reach the best results possible. Thank you #SMElegalawards.

…international litigation cases between international businesses are ruled on French soil. These International Commercial Courts are arguably incredibly successful and the now built-in technology takes them to an even higher level in Europe.

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…in schools in France and in the UK for 13 years in the name of the Paris Bar. Some legal background, education and an open mind are keys to free choice, critical thinking and success.

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I am incredibly lucky to do a job that I chose at a very early age and to do it on both sides of the English Channel. The greatest package ever. A big thank you to everyone who contributed to this award.

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15 years ago, I started my career as a business litigator with an international law firm in Paris.

After two other international law firms and the creation of my own private practice in Paris and in London in 2012, I pride myself on having clients who have chosen to follow me and to have a long-standing business relationship with me, instead of letting large firms deal with their matters.

Hard work, perseverance and a constant drive to achieve excellence bear fruit. The size of the law practice does not matter. Only people matter.

Many thanks to all my clients, French and international, current and future, for their trust and loyalty.

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Good work, client care and being born a litigator pays off!

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…and steps into its 5th year of presence in London as well!

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…hosted by the Paris Bar.

…hosted by Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne.

…hosted by the Paris Bar School.

(“La pratique des procédures d’appel”) hosted by AJFR.

…jointly set up by La Sorbonne and Queen Mary University of London.

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#Businesslitigation #Frenchlaw #UKlaw #contracts #proceedings #conflictsoflaw #privateinternationallaw

15, 22 and 29 September 2020: Honoured to share that the French legal publisher Dalloz has offered me again to speak in English on a highly topical French legal theme “Disturbing events affecting the course of commercial agreements”. With Brexit looming on the horizon and the pandemic of Covid-19, the performance of international commercial agreements has faced and will face difficulties.

5 June 2020: Looking forward to speaking in French at the Dalloz conference about the topical theme “Se préparer au Brexit :  quels impacts sur les relations contractuelles ?” (Getting ready for Brexit: what impacts on your contractual relationships?).

This conference will focus on the transition period that started on 31 January 2020. I will be speaking about the key issues such that companies may anticipate their France-UK relationships as best as possible: current and future agreements, negotiations, maintaining and building business relationships, current and future litigation cases and proceedings, enforcement of Court decisions handed down on both sides of the English Channel, etc.

I will be speaking at another conference to be scheduled later in time once an agreement is entered into between the European Union and the UK, and once Brexit has been effectively implemented.

20 November 2018: Conference for Dalloz in English. Ready to kick start the conference, that I have the privilege to lead, about negotiations, contract law and business litigation before French Courts.

June 2016: Very pleased and honoured to have been invited by the Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan to participate to the diplomatic mission ”EU Central Asia Rule of Law Platform” aimed at promoting reform and good governance in judicial systems in Central Asia. I had the privilege to work, as an expert in international and comparative law, with the Chairwoman of the Kyrgyz Bar and a team of local lawyers. I also spoke to the press, on behalf of the Paris Bar and the Paris and the London sections of the French non-profit organisation InitiaDroit. Memorable time and very rewarding experience.

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